“Live long and prosper.” “I shall do neither.”

“It’s fun to die when your earthly remains are ensconced in a Star Trek urn or casket.”

They’re made by Eternal Images (“Designing Brand-Name Funerary Products”), which also offers Precious Moments” Major League Baseball, and Cat Fanciers’ Association funerary products.

 Beam on down to the manufacturer . Warp Factor 666.

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2 Responses to ““Live long and prosper.” “I shall do neither.””

  1. Geof Says:

    Star Trek Lives even when you die!

    On the latest episode of “Life”, the cops asked the computer guy if he could get to level 10 of a video game. He said yes of course he could since, he is 30 years old, lives with his mother and has a Star Trek uniform in his closet.

  2. Michael Tim Says:

    I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

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