Amy and her pal, Norman Jewison

Here’s Amy standing on the stage at the Bader Theatre at Victoria College while the Registrar gives a spiel about her receiving scholarship for last year.  Looking on is Chancellor Norman Jewison.  As they shook hands a minute later, Norm offered Amy the part of Muriel Everet in his upcoming film, “The North Koreans are bombing, the North Koreans are bombing”.

Amy and her pal Norman Jewison


2 Responses to “Amy and her pal, Norman Jewison”

  1. foursome Says:

    The principal of Victoria College ((the short guy in the middle), the next day swore off staying up all night playing mini-golf on the Internet.

  2. foursome Says:

    I must comment that Normie used to be the champion corn-on-the-cob eater at Big Cedar Point according to my mother.


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