Last minute Thanksgiving post

Here are 10 things for which all members of the Fearsome Foursome should feel truly thankful:

1. After all these years, Bowlerama is inexplicably still in business.

2. IMDB.

3. UTS entrance exam much easier 40 years ago than today.

4. Elimination of two-fare zone system on TTC.

5. Despite secretly observing us for years, Weird Al has never attempted to get in touch.

6. Group of Several girls we never got to go out with no longer look so attractive.

7. 25 years ago, US courts overruled Walt Disney Co. and declared taping off TV legal.

8. Jeff only accepts assignments in cities with easy access to ping-pong tables.

9. Hollywood’s biggest-budget blockbusters are just the sort of movies we happen to love best.

10. “Thanks for Going Greyhound.” 

Please feel free to add more to this post.


2 Responses to “Last minute Thanksgiving post”

  1. risecigepeheve Says:

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