Excellent Christmas gift


Only $16.49 at the link provided. Don’t say I don’t provide useful stuff on this blog …

… Bill


3 Responses to “Excellent Christmas gift”

  1. Reader Rick Says:

    Now that’s sweet!
    What is particularly interesting is the comments following the product writeup.
    I love people who believe they are doing the world a favour when they point out the obvious!

    20. This shows how stupid people are. DVD’s don’t need to be rewound. Whoever allowed this to be manufactured is just out to make a buck hoping no one would catch on.

    But this one was my favourite.
    15. Finally, no more fines at the Video Store! My crappy DVD player doesn’t rewind at all.

    Irony is not dead!

    Good job, Bill. See how useful blogging can be?

  2. foursome Says:

    You mean you don’t have to rewind DVDs? How do they get back to the beginning?


  3. foursome Says:

    Geoff, you are probably confused by the Rewind button on your conch. There’s normally no need to rewind DVD’s, because they are supposed to automatically rewind when played to the end.

    … Bill (BSc, so I know things scientific)

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