Trying for a bigger picture #2



4 Responses to “Trying for a bigger picture #2”

  1. foursome Says:

    To get a big picture, use the upload picture thing in edit.
    Then click on the small uploaded picture, it should say “using thumbnail.”
    click on “using thumbnail” and it will change to “using original.”
    drag the picture into the Post.
    click on the picture and when it is selected, you can pull it to whatever size you want.


  2. Reader Rick Says:

    Oh, well done.

    When I heard the learned astronomer….

  3. Reader Rick Says:

    Of course Jeff just blew the whole no-last-names thing….

  4. foursome Says:

    Ooops! Maybe the adminstrator should remove the offending blog. But it is in a jpg so it can’t be searched for so I think we are alright.

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