September 18 Tennis Results

The Fearsome Foursome is proud to announce the election of its new Fearless Leader.


Ted Sennett is a physician from rural Quebec and not formally affiliated with the Foursome.


It is now known when he will learn about his election.


If he ever does, he will probably release a statement something like this: “It is an honour to be elected by these people, whom I barely even know.”

Ted is expected to serve a one-year term, unless he finds about it sooner than we expect.

According to John, Past Fearless Leader (and the soon to be appointed head of the new rules committee), “It is vital to have an outsider bring in new blood and new ideas. We hope this will end the tradition of do-nothing insider administrations.”

Bill, the losing candidate, promised to support Ted and all of his initiatives, if any.

To help Ted deal with the minutiae of daily administration, the Foursome decided to revive the dormant position of Deputy Fearless Leader. Rick was elected with 50% of the votes cast, based on Jeff’s suggestion that he set up a Foursome blog. Historians are now combing the archives to determine if this is the first campaign promise ever kept by a member of the Foursome.

In other news, Bill won the Olympics. As one commenter commented, “He lives his whole life ‘Add-In.’”


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